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September 12, 2006 at 9:16 pm (Uncategorized)

Hell 2 Pay

Chapter 1

You seek Justice…

I seek revenge…

“I got to ask you,” A man said sitting on his knees looking at a door that is completely black. “is the rumor true?” “Yes!” Another man answer loudly and proudly from inside the darkness.“Oh well,” The guy said none impressed by the answer. “Now Miyuko you have to die.”

The guy inside the darken room begins to laugh with a deep dark laugh that shook the building.

“I have 800 men protecting me at all times.” His laughter becomes louder.” Look leave or I’ll have the guards rip you head from your shoulders.”

“Ironic…” The guy says with a little giggle, “I wonder if your men died the same way.”

“You son of a BITCH!!!” The man yelled with loud foot steps hitting the floor as if he was running to something.

A soft sound of a click turn the room of darkness into light revealing an empty room. There was only two doors and a table that stood in the middle of the floor.

The guy was fat and short with pale skin and bald. He was wearing all black with the symbol of ‘warrior on his back.

He turned to where he heard the click and saw a kid no older than twelve with a red bloody sword in his right hand.

The little boy had long white hair that was pulled back in a pony tail his clothes match his hair. The boy’s eyes were closed as if the room was too bright.

“Miyuko!” The boy cried out with hatred and anger.

“Who are you?!” Miyuko said stumbling back and falling to the floor.

“You don’t remember?” The little boy asked sounding surprise.

“What do you mean?” Miyuko cried then he notice the boy’s eyes were shut and he gave the little boy the middle finger and waited for a response.

“Four years ago, you and three of your comrades came into my home and murdered my parents and tried to take my life.”

“Impossible…” Miyuko yelled acting surprise as he begun to slowly back up to the door behind him. “I Killed you, your father and that bitch!!!”

“Negative you and your three goons shot me, but another man saved me.”

“Taiki…” Miyuko said softly, his back hits the wall.

“You know him?” The boy asked lowering his sword and raising his head.

“For you… It wouldn’t matter!” Miyuko yelled happily open the door behind him. “Dark-dono enlighten this punk in killing!”

A very big guy steps in the room wearing the same thing as Miyuko. The only thing different is that dark has a mask covering his whole head revealing only his black cold-hearted eyes.

“HA! HA! HA!” Miyuko blares out excitedly. “This man slaughter three hundred and eighty-seven men. Earning his name the Lord of Darkness.”

“Umm…” The little boy said confused “I killed eight hundred of your men tonight. So, what does that make me?” He thought for a second and then looked up with a smile. “I guess…” he twirled his sword, and then point it at the large beast. “I am your god.”

“You cocky little bastard!” Miyuko yelled pointing his finger at the little boy. “Dark, KILL HIM!”

Dark charged the little boy then suddenly stops a few inches from the little boy.

“Wind technique, Silent Slasher.” The boy said opening his eyes revealing beautiful jade eyes.

The little boy step to the side and begin walking to Miyuko was backing up until his back hit the table.

“Dark!” Miyuko yelled sounding as if he lost all hope.

Dark’s head fell to the floor and shortly after his body followed.

“What?!” Miyuko cried out fearing for his life. “Are you going to take me to the cops?”

“No.” The boy said still continuing his approach on Miyuko. ” I do not seek justice, I seek revenge.”

Miyuko put his hands behind his back frantically searching for something. There was a loud click and Miyuko pointed a gun at the little boy.

“What you seek, is Death!” Miyuko yelled.

Bang! A loud shot was fired.

“I’ve already died.” The little boy whispered.

The little boy was standing on the table behind Miyuko.

“God!” Miyuko pleaded, “Please save me!”

“You’ll have the chance to meet him.”

Miyuko slowly turned around meeting the boy eye to eye. Miyuko watched the boy’s eyes turn from jade to silver. Then Miyuko saw everything in tainted red then black.

The little boy grabbed Miyuko’s head and watched the body hit the floor. he put his sword in the air and it turned into a sawed-off shotgun. He pointed the gun right in-between Miyuko’s eyes.

“Mother… Father… our revenge will be carried out.”

Bang! Blood and brains was sprayed all over the walls.

The gun was slowly sucked into the boy’s right arm and then he went outside to the street.

There was a few lamps for people to see but for the most part it was too dark to see a block ahead.

“Hebeki!” A voiced called from a distance.

“Taiki.” the boy responded quietly.

A figured ran up on Hebeki and he was a beautiful man with mid-long blond hair that did not pass his neck. He was wearing all white along with a long trench coat.

“So how much do I owe you?” Taiki said pulling out a check. “Twelve hundred for each person and three thousand for Miyuko.”

“I’ve killed eight hundred and one men tonight and that doesn’t include Miyuko.” Hebeki answered coldly.

“Did you have to kill EVERYBODY.” Taiki replied with a tear falling down his cheek as he filled out the check.

“Taiki,” Hebeki said not sure if he wanted to finish his thought. “Miyuko knew you.”

“You sound surprise.” Taiki replied with out looking up but still sounding sad on how big the check is.

“How do they know you?” Hebeki asked sounding a little angry at the blank answer Taiki had given him.

“I thought you said before I hired…”

“That I would not ask questions.” Hebeki finished the sentence. “Forgive me.”

Taiki handed Hebeki the check.

“I found Kyoshiro-dono.” Taiki said serious then he smiled. “He runs a fighting school called Earth’s Rebellion. Even in order to meet him you must be a high rank fighter. Only 4th years made it so far, I am sure you can change it.”

“What about living expenses?” Hebeki asked holding his hand out.

“1,500 for each you kill and 5,000 for Kyoshiro’s head.”


“Earth’s Rebellion is on campus.” Taiki replied turning around. “Go home, you got four years to practice my advice is that you work the earth rose defense.”

“My, my.” Hebeki said sounding disappointed, “You really think I need to train some more.”

“Don’t Get Cocky!” Taiki snapped. “Miyuko was to lazy to learn the ways of the rose. The remaining three are masters in roses. If you are not at top peak one of them will kill you.”

“Relax,” Hebeki replied turning his back to Taiki. “i’ll continue to train.”

Hebeki then ran into the darkness.


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